Saturday, May 19, 2018

60's Blue Kumon

  Working now on getting ready for the new Big Size Kumon and the original Kumon in some 60's Marusan inspired colors.  Im surprised it's taken me this long to do an homage to such a subtle but beautiful color scheme.  I think I'm gonna have to do some Garamon versions too, those are some of the best, so simple but they really bring the toy to life.  I started making toys because of Marusan and Bullmark figures, the feeling they inspire is like being a kid again with giant plastic monsters to smash your army men and Lego buildings with!!  I feel like going outside and doing that now!!

  Both figures are cast in a dark blue base vinyl with silver and blue metallic highlights.  The original Kumon have been painted by a good friend, he goes by @lennycervello on Instagram and is one of the nicest people Ive ever had the pleasure to know.  He's been helping me with a lot of things lately and I am stoked on how nice these came out, his paint is aways top notch!

  The Big Size Kumon will be painted by me with a little variation.  The new figure stands about 28cm tall and Im not just tooting my horn here, its feels huge in hand and exactly what I was hoping for!!!