Wednesday, August 2, 2017


  The INDUSTRIAL GRADE GID KUMON will be up in the shop August 4th, 10:00 AM Japan time.  There will be an assembled and unassembled DIY version available.  The DIY version will include an instruction sheet to show you how to cut and assemble if you wish to do so.

  This is a limited pre-order,  not an open order.

  Also please read below regarding the sales tomorrow:

1.  1 of each figure per customer/household.  1 INDUSTRIAL GRADE KUMON and 1 INDUSTRIAL GRADE KUMON DIY is ok.  If the order is for more than 1 of each figure the order will be canceled.

2.  Make sure the name and shipping information you enter for the order page is the same as the information provided by Paypal.  I will only ship to the address provided by Paypal.  If it is not the same the order will be cancelled.

3.  If I ship to your Paypal provided shipping address and the package is returned to me I will cancel the order.

4.  Planning to ship in September/October.

5.  Thank you for your understanding!!!